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                                                              Working Papers (with Online Appendices)
                                                          Oil Curse, Economic Growth and Trade Openness
Online Appendices:
Open Access Publications 
The Impact of Oil Price Shocks on the U.S. Stock Market: A Note on the Roles of U.S. and Non-U.S. Oil Production (with Wensheng Kang and Ronald Ratti). Economics Letters, 2016, vol. 145, 176–181.
Oil Prices and Global Factor Macroeconomic Variables (with Ronald Ratti). Energy Economics, 2016, vol. 59, 198–212.
Commodity Prices and BRIC and G3 Liquidity: A SFAVEC Approach (with Ronald Ratti). Journal of Banking and Finance, 2015 vol. 53, 18-33.
OPEC and non-OPEC Oil Production and the Global Economy (with Ronald Ratti). Energy Economics vol. 50, 2015 364-378.
Not All International Monetary Shocks are alike for the Japanese Economy (with Ronald Ratti). Economics Modelling vol. 52, 2016 822-837.
Why are Crude Oil Prices high When Global Activity is Weak? (with Ronald Ratti). Economics Letters vol. 121,  133-136.
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